Shelving for Current Periodicals LIBRLV@EMUVM1.BITNET 09 May 1991 21:22 UTC

 Marcie Kingsley from Western Michigan asks about the use of hinged shelving
 for Current Periodicals.

 We had this at the General Libraries when our present building was opened 22
 years ago for approximately 200 or so "popular" periodicals. These were
 basically weeklies of the Time, Newsweek, etc. nature. The titles to go into
 this type of display were selected, I believe, by the then Head of the Serials
 Dept. in consultation with the then Head of Reference.

 When Technical Services was reorganized ( the first of many times!) 9 years
 ago, I found this arrangement awkward for many reasons. One, it was unpredic-
 table for the user and staff shelvers as all weeklies were not in the Popular
 shelving and some monthlies, etc. were also in the bins (as we called them).
 Secondly, it is true that issues under the lift-up shelf get into great dis-
 aray easily, and it's tedious to have to lift up the shelf to check them. It
 is also true that the display issue can flip off if the shelf is lifted too
 fast. (We had another wrinkle that took more time as well. The display issue
 was in a plastic binder which had to be switched each time a new issue
 arrived.) Although the lift-up shelf had a lip or ridge, some issues were too
 voluminous to stay easily on it as well. And, as Marcie mentions, this type of
 shelving takes up more space.

 So, in 1982, we merged the Popular periodicals into one alphabetical arrange
 ment with the rest of the current periodicals on regular horizontal shelves.
 There were very few user comments and the ones we got were mostly positive.
 The lift-up shelving was dispersed around the library. The Documents Dept.,
 for instance, uses it to display and store copies of tax forms, etc.

 Linda Visk
 Emory University
 (404) 727-0121