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Re: shelving for current periodicals Susan Davis 09 May 1991 20:42 UTC

Re: shelving for current periodicals Susan Davis 09 May 1991 20:42 UTC

In reply to Marcie's question about hinged shelving for current periodicals,
I will admit that we are one academic library which uses it! It does have
its drawbacks, it can be awfully loud if the display portion drops after
you've lifted it up! I don't believe it takes up any more space than a
comparable horizontal method, yes, you have to look underneath to see
if something is out of order or needs binding (unless you use a method
at the receipt point to trigger pulling), but it can also hide a lot of
messy piles (like Variety). Our biggest complaint is that ours are in
some disrepair, the pull up section doesn't stay up, or breaks so you
can't pull it up... I have never heard of any issues flying over the top.
Our units are back to back in a number of aisles, it does make for an
attractive dispaly.

We have the binding frequency recording on our check in records. WHen
the next issue comes in (for example, #1 of a new volume which we bind by
volume), the staff jots it on a list (or you could do a screen print).
They take the lists up and pull those titles, yes, I'm sure some things
may be overlooked, but during slow periods (when are those????), they
can take the time to look through every shelf.  You can also (if the
shelving is up to date) just look at the issue on display. If its #2 of
a quarterly, its not ready to bind.  I think you can make it work ok,
trying telling the staff what a good workout their arms will have!
Susan Davis
Head, Periodicals
University at Buffalo