Lift up shelving DIANE JOHNSON 10 May 1991 13:58 UTC

Until last summer, we too used the hinged lift up shelving for our unbound
current issues.  This shelving does take up more space.  Instead of the
6 or possibly 7 horizontal shelves that you can usually fit into 1 unit, we
could only fit 5 lift-up shelves/unit.  Also these shelves were 13 inches
deep instead of the usually 9 inches.  Some other problems,  it was easier
for students to stash books and other library materials for their own
personal use.  Also some students did not realize that they had to lift up
the display top to get to the other unbound issues.  It was messy.
Also, when the air conditioning was off and we opened the windows, thin
issues were blown off the shelves.

Last summer, we boxed our current issues and shelved them alphabetically
with the bound volumes.  Negative comments have come from faculty who
miss the browsability of the old arrangement.  We did it because we thought
it would be easier for students.  They now only have to look in one place
for periodicals.

Diane Johnson
Head, Serials Dept.
SUNY Geneseo