Library-related discussion lists JANAND@USU.BITNET 10 May 1991 20:25 UTC

   A couple of us here at Utah State have been compiling a list of all
the library-related discussion groups we can find, exclusing those
which appear to be site-specific.  Our list to date follows.  If anyone
can offer additions or corrections to the list, they will be appreciated.

ADVANC-L@IDBSU     Users of Geac Advance library system
ALF-L@YORKVM1      Academic librarians' forum
ARLIS-L@UKCC       Art Librarians Society discussion group
AUTOCAT@UVMVM      Library cataloging and authorities discussion
BI-L@BINGVMB       Bibliographic instruction
BUSLIB-L@IDBSU     Business libraries discussion
CIRCPLUS@IDBSU     Library circulation
CNIDIR@UNMVM       Coalition for Networked Information...?
CWIS-L@WUVMD       Campus-wide information systems
EXLIBRIS@RUTVM1    Rare books and special collections cataloging
FISC-L@NDSUVM1     Fee-based library information service centers
                     in academic libraries
GOVDOC-L@PSUVM     (Peered) Discussion group on government
                     documents issues
ILL-L@UVMVM        Interlibrary loan discussion group
INNOPAC@MAINE      Innovative Interfaces' online public access
IR-L@UCCVMA        Information retrieval list
IR-LIST@IRLEARN    Information retrieval distribution list
LAW-LIB@UCDAVIS    Law libraries (or is this a site-specific group?)
LIBADMIN@UMAB      Library administration and management
LIBER@UVMVM        Libraries/media services communication
LIBPLAN-L@QUCDN    University library planning discussion
LIBREF-L@KENTVM    Discussion of library reference issues
LIBRES@KENTVM      Library and information science research ele?
MEDLIB-L@UBVM      Medical libraries discussion list
MLA-L@IUBVM        Music libraries mailing list
NOTIS-L@TCSVM      NOTIS/DOBIS discussion group list
NOTISACQ@ULKYVM    NOTIS acquisitions discussion group
NOTRBCAT@INDYCMS   Rare book and special collections catalogers
PACS-L@UHUPVM1     Public-access computer systems forum
SERIALST@UVMVM     Serials in libraries--a user discussion group
TESLA@NERVM        Technical standards for library automation

   Hope this list is useful.  Please do share any additions or
corrections you may have with the list.

  --Jan Anderson (Utah State University)
    Bitnet: janand@usu