Pergamon Press billings SMURDEN@VCUVAX.BITNET 14 May 1991 15:41 UTC

Is anyone else out there having this problem?
We have recently received several invoices from Pergamon for titles that we
order (or used to order) through our periodicals vendor.  In one case, the
invoice was for the 1991 renewal of a title that we cancelled in 1988.
Another was for 15 related titles, 7 of which we purchase through our vendor
as a "package."  Another was for the 1991 renewal of a title that is behind
in its publication schedule, and has not yet released any *1990* issues.
This is beginning to look a lot like the Haworth problem that was being
discussed recently on the list (we just received one of those, too).  Is this
an isolated incident, or are others receiving these confusing bills directly?

Steve Murden
Virginia Commonwealth University