new program support JoAnne Deeken 14 May 1991 21:20 UTC

At James Madiosn University a library faculty senator has always been
part of the Faculty Senate Curriculum and Instruction Committee.  In
fact, I served as chair for the last year.  All requests for new courses
or for changes in courses must go through this committee.  Any member of the
committee, including the library member, has the right to question the
approval of the request because of lack of support.  In addition, the
library director must sign off and approve each request before it comes
to the committee.  If a course is approved saying no support is needed
from the library, then no additional support is given.  Any support would
have to come from routine departmental allocations.

If a new program is proposed, the library director votes as well as signs
off on the proposal.  If additional funding is given by the university or
pledged by the librarian, it is allocated as a special line of the followin
g year's budget.

In theory, this system works great.  In reality, sometimes additional support
is given.  At the very least, the library always knows of new programs and can
give some support from unallocated funds.

JoAnne Deeken
Serials Librarian