"Receipt" Printers: Suggestions Wanted Ellen L. Sleeter 14 May 1991 20:55 UTC

TO:   Automated Systems Implementors
RE:   "Receipt" Printers

Can anyone recommend a distributor or manufacturer of "receipt"
printers ---  as would be used to print variable length
routing slips for serials (narrow paper on a roll, compressed
print, 40-char print line) --- OTHER THAN Ithaca Peripherals of
Groton, NY?  We purchased an Ithaca Peripheral receipt printer
whose circuit boards are Okidata microline.  The printer was fine
in all respects except that (ironically) I could not defeat the
form length control through a dip-switch.  Restated, in case you
missed the irony.... In other words, a printer that is developed
to print variable length forms is, in-fact, form-length bound.

My application always transmits a form feed, so I must be able to
get the printer to ignore form feeds or to set the form length to
one line, to eliminate spewing out masses of blank paper.

Sorry for the jargon --- just trying to frame the problem.

Anyone with any suggestions should reply to me directly, as
I am sending this to a few lists to which I don't subscribe, and
it's not exactly a question deserving extensive public

Thanks very much!

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