Resources For Serials Cataloging BMACLENN@UVMVM.BITNET 17 May 1991 16:02 UTC

Good news for Serials Catalogers!  Cindy Hepfer, Editor of Serials Review,
and Jim Cole, Associate Professor and Serials Cataloger at Iowa State
University, Ames, have recently joined their efforts to create a new <printed>
forum for the discussion of specific problems in serials cataloging, including
practical assistance in working toward resolution of those problems.
A new column, entitled "Case in Point," is featured in the latest issue
of Serials Review (v.17:no.1, p.63+) ... And as Jim Cole notes in his

   "While Cindy Hepfer and I have in hand several of our own cataloging
   problems that merit discussion, the future of the column depends on
   the interest it generates among readers of Serials Review.  Cindy
   and I encourage you to contact me directly [Jim Cole, Parks Library,
   Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011] with serials cataloging
   problems.  I will try to respond to each problem individually
   and then use the problem (anonymously) for discussion in the
   column.  We would like to include three to five problems in each
   quarterly issue of SR."

Mr. Cole goes on to say that, while answers given in the column are his
own, he also "would like to invite and encourage readers with alternative
solutions to share them."

Cindy Hepfer asks that "readers forward an explanation of their problems
with appropriate documentation and any existing cataloging copy."

So ... here's our opportunity to start whittling away at some of those
problem titles that have been sitting in the backlog!

Birdie MacLennan
Serials Cataloger
University of Vermont