1991 NASIG Meeting JONES@UTHSCSA.BITNET 22 May 1991 16:14 UTC

NASIG meeting update!  Registration for this year's NASIG meeting
June 14-17 at Trinity University in San Antonio exceeded 400 by the
registration deadline on May 17.  We have had a few questions about
late registration which we are still receiving.  HOWEVER, we must
RECEIVE all registrations by Tuesday, May 28 in order to complete
the next phase of planning prior to the meeting.  Regrettably, any
registrations received after that date will be returned promptly.
(Remember, Monday, May 27 is the Memorial Day holiday!)  To meet
the deadline you may fax a copy of the completed registration form
to Danny Jones at (512) 567-2490 and send your check for the fee
by overnight mail to the address on the registration form.  If you
need to travel on June 13 and can arrive at the Trinity University
Witt Reception Center by 10 pm (allow one hour from flight arrival
to travel to Trinity), you can stay in the dormitory that night for an
additional $20.  Unfortunately, because of another meeting on
campus we cannot accommodate arrivals earlier than June 13.  We
look forward to meeting all of you who have registered.

Co-chairs for Local Arrangements:
Danny Jones                                     Kathy Soupiset
(512) 567-2400                                  (512) 736-7613