Call for Contributions Frederick C. Lynden 24 May 1991 20:33 UTC

                         CALL FOR PAPERS

        Advances in Acquisitions, Collection Development
                    and Resource Management.

JAI Press, Inc. announces a new annual entitled Advances in
Acquisitions, Collection Development and Resource Management. We
are looking for authors who can share with their colleagues current
trends and  practices in managing library resources from the time
of selection through acquisitions and on into the daily business of
managing those resources through preservation and other activities.

If you are interested in contributing to this inaugural volume,
please send a working title and brief outline of what you intend to
cover to either Fredrick C. Lynden or Thomas W. Leonhardt, editors
of the new annual.  The outline and intent to submit a paper should
be received by June 15, 1991. Finished chapters will be due on
November 1 with all preliminaries falling in between these two


Preliminary Table of Contents

1.   Acquiring Electronic Media, Software, CD-ROM
2.   Collection Evaluation
3.   Staffing
4.   Gifts & Exchange
5.   Serials   Which format? Online, CD-ROM, Traditional
6.   Collection Funding & Budgeting
7.   C.D./Acquisitions in Public Libraries
8.   Deselection
9.   Shared resources - Cooperative library systems
10.  OP/Electronic Desiderata
11.  Eastern European Acquisitions
12.  Nonbook Public Libraries
13.  Selection -- new modes, e.g., tape comparisons with two or
     more libraries or with BCL3
14.  Approval plans
15.  Collection management by automation