Mailing wrappers Josephine.Williamson@MVS.UDEL.EDU 24 May 1991 19:12 UTC

In-Reply-To: The letter of Friday, 24 May 1991 1:17pm ET

Regarding Steve Murden's concern about plastic wrappers.  I like these
wrappers because they get the issue to us -- dry, untorn, all covers on, no
mold, etc.  We have had a tremendous problem with the receipt of unusable
issues through the U.S.Mail.  We return damaged issues and boxes of microfilm
to publishers almost every week.  The waste of these materials and the paper
used to request replacement issues should be considered before we band
together to request the use of paper wrappers only.  Plastic isn't all bad.

Josie Williamson
University of Delaware