Re: Current Contents on-line COOKEI@APPSTATE.BITNET 27 May 1991 17:48 UTC

We too are cancelling around $100,000 worth of serials, and have been approached
   by several science depts. about this product. We are looking presently at
cancelling our print subs. to a couple of the CC titles and resubscribing to
just the diskette versions. Our science depts. are willing to pay the $95 per
copy fee in order to keep copies in their offices. ISI is also advertising
an expanded version of with abstracts that is a bit pricier. Since this thing
is kind of a moving target right now, I am wondering what is the best thing to
do. I'd like to get something nailed by the beginning of fall semester. I also
would like to hear what other folks are doing.
   Eleanor Cook
   Appalachian State University