Change in Cataloguing Treatment : Monograph to Serial Bev Smith 30 May 1991 17:57 UTC

We are serials cataloguers in a centralized cataloguing environment using
NOTIS at a large academic library.  When Cataloguing government documents
serials, we receive titles from our Government Documents Library, accompanied
by a Serials Information Sheet outlining holdings information and preferred
treatment, e.g. title change.  One change which we are frequently asked to
make involves changing the treatment of titles from being catalogued as
monographs to being catalogued as serials.

We would like to know if anybody is using a 500 or 512 note (Earlier or
later volumes separately catalogued note) to handle this situation.  If so,
how do you use it and when?

We would also be interested to hear if the Public Service staff at your
institution has any concerns about the use of this tag, since it means
that users would have to look at more than one record in order to find
all of the holdings for a particular title, even with the use of
"linking tags" on the monograph records.

We would like to use an Earlier or Later Vols. Separately Catalogued
Note in order to save time - by cutting down on the number of monograph
records which have to be deleted from the database and then added to
a serial record.


Bev Smith
Serials Cataloguer
York University
Toronto, Ontario.