MODEM TAX Aydin Edguer 04 Jun 1991 13:57 UTC

Please stop forwarding the article on the "MODEM TAX" to everyone.  It is
old and no longer correct.  Please contact anyone you sent this message to
and inform them that it was no longer correct.

If possible, get in contact with MATT DOMSCH and get a correction to him
to be passed on to everyone at the Southern California Regional HP Users'

The "MODEM TAX" was first proposed in June of 1987 (Released: July 17, 1987).
It was CC Docket Number 87-215.  The "MODEM TAX" plan was dropped in March of
1988.  That is right, the plan is almost 4 years old and was dropped over 3
years ago.

The complete text of the plan is available from: /telecom-archives/docket.87-215 /telecom-archives/fcc.policy

Copies of newpaper articles concerning the end of the plan can be
found on: /mirrors/misc/bbs/fccquits.txt /mirrors/misc/bbs/ /mirrors/misc/bbs/nocharge.doc <MISC.BBS>FCCQUITS.TXT <MISC.BBS>NOCHARGE.DOC <MISC.BBS>FCC-SAYS.NO

If you really think that there may be a new "MODEM TAX", please, call the
FCC before spreading this rumor any further.  There are two divisions of
the FCC which have responsibilities in this area:  The first is the Policy
Division (+1 202 632 9342); the second is the Tariffs Division(+1 202 632 5550).
[The main number for the FCC is +1 202 632-7000]

I just took the time to call them, and neither division has any such "MODEM
TAX" under consideration.  If you are unable to access the newspaper articles
using either FTP or BITFTP, I will send you one copy of them to be sent to
others you contact.  Please do not refer them to me.

Please end this NOW!

Aydin Edguer
Facilities Manager
Computer Engineering & Science
Case Western Reserve University