oops AALGIER@SCU.BITNET 05 Jun 1991 20:59 UTC

Continuation of mono and serial treatment after getting kicked out:
Authority records may say: Fully analyzed for items received before
(date) and Not analyzed for items received after (date). If we are
to follow LC's treatment, then we need to retain our monographic
records in our local databases and provide some sort of note on
the serial record. LC has used field 512 for this purpose. It is
my understanding that non-LC members cannot use this field. I therefore
have been putting these notes in local 590 note fields. However, if
the monographs in the local catalog were cataloged first with the
thought that the publication was indeed a monograph and then later
it was found out to be a serial, and there are no series authority
records in the file reflecting differences in treatment, then I believe
it is best to cancel the monographic records and add them to the serial
record holdings. This is especially important if the monographs have
different call numbers than the serial volumes do.

Aimee Algier-Baxter
Santa Clara University