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Re: MFHL Elaine Henjum 11 Jun 1991 14:38 UTC

Re: MFHL Elaine Henjum 11 Jun 1991 14:38 UTC

For the MARC Holdings Format 008 field (byte 6) receipt or acquisition status
codes 2 and 5, I think you have certainly identified a contradiction.

My thoughts are to question why the word "serials" was added to the definition
for Code 2.

In the NISO standards for holdings statements (Z39.44 for serials and Z39.57
for non-serials), Code 2 is not even defined as a valid value for the
Acquisition Status Designator.

Z39.44 4.5.4: "If the reporting institution is NOT currently receiving issues
of the reported serial, whatever the reason, a value of "5" or the statement
"Not currently received" shall be entered in this data element."

At this point, I would be reluctant to use Code 2 for serial records.

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On Mon, 10 Jun 91 09:55:38 CDT James Mouw said:
>I am curious about various local usages of the "receipt or acquisition
>status" codes (position 6 of the 008 in the Marc Format for Holdings and
>Code 2 reads:
>Completed.  Code 2 indicates that all parts of a multipart or serial item
>have been received.  This code is also used with single-part items.
>Code 5 reads:
>Not currently received.  Code 5 indicates that the reporting orgaization has
>holdings of the multipart or serial item but neither currently received nor
>intends to acquire the item.  This code is used for serial titles that have
>ceased or have been surerseded and for multipart items and items for which
>updates are no longer being recieved.
>The second sentence under code 5 doesn't seem to me to belong.  If a title
>has ceased isn't it completed??
>My present interpretation is as follows:
>   Use Code 2 when a title is complete, is ceased or superceeded, or for
>   whatever reason is no longer being published.  This indicates that the
>   library is no longer subscribing because there is nothing being
>   published.  Code 2 does not necessarily mean that the library holds all
>   pieces of the title, only that it is no longer being published.
>   Use Code 5 to indicate that the library does not presently subscribe to
>   a title which is currently being published.  It indicates that the library
>   at one point received some pieces but that newly issued parts are not
>   being received.
>I realize that this seems to be in conflict with sentence 2 of Code 5.  Is
>there perhaps a "not" missing someplace in the Code 5 explaination?  (This
>code is NOT used for serial titles that have ceased....)
>This code was changed from the draft statement, where they read:
>   Code "2" (Completed) is used when an institution has received all parts
>   of a work.  This code is intended for use with MONOGRAPHS, works-in-part
>   and other NON-SERIAL items.  [emphasis is mine]
>   Code "5" (Not currently received) is used when the institution has
>   holdings of the item but it is neither currently receiving the item nor
>   has any intent of acquiring the item on a current basis.  This code is
>   also used for titles which have ceased or have been superseded.
>This makes it clear that at one point Code 2 was intended to be used only for
>non-serials, everything else went into Code 5.  Sounds to me like Code 2 was
>changed and the explaination for Code 5 wasn't fully brought into sync.
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