Announcement re Atlanta Meeting of Auto ACQ/In Process Control DG BWINTERS@VCUVAX.BITNET 12 Jun 1991 15:13 UTC


     "Automation and the Selection Process" is the topic for
discussion at the summer meeting of the ALCTS Automated
Acquisitions/In-Process Control Systems in Libraries Discussion
Group.  According to an informal survey conducted in the winter,
many librarians have considered automated applications in the pre-
process stage of collection building, such as accepting purchase
requests electronically, but most also indicated that they have not
yet begun to plan for implementation.

     Stephen Marine, Head of Technical Services at the University
of Cincinnati Libraries, will moderate the discussion.  There are
four discussion initiators:

     M. E. Brennan, Technical Catalog Coordinator for AT&T Bell
Laboratories, will discuss how researchers, both in their New
Jersey headquarters and from 35 remote sites across the country,
submit order requests electronically.  This special library is an
Innovative Interfaces site.

     Doina Farkas, Chair, Acquisitions Department at the University
of Florida Libraries in Gainesville, will describe a pilot project
still in the planning stages.  A request form has been developed on
double Helix (dBase software for the MacIntosh) to allow selectors
to enter request information, which will then be imported into
NOTIS from microcomputers.  The goal is to implement electronic
input of requests for all selectors' orders by fiscal year 92/93.
Meanwhile, pilot projects are planned.

     John M. Meador, Jr., Dean of Library Services, and Lynn Cline,
Head of Acquisitions and Collection Development at Southwest
Missouri State University Library (SMSU), will describe development
of a bibliographers' workstation from the grant writing stage
through implementation.  According to SMSU publicity, this
workstation brings together "in a hypertext environment information
from a number of disparate sources with which collection decisions
can be made.  The workstation is constructed from the basic steps
in the collection development process: the identification of
materials, their evaluation, selection, and ultimately their
acquisitions."  Data in four different categories are retrieved:
bibliographic, critical or contextual, financial, and commercial.
"In addition to data contained within the workstation, pathways are
provided to such external databases as BIP+ Reviews, the local
online database, and the online financial data for the library"
(NOTIS).  A grant was successfully obtained from Apple Computer,
Inc., to fund this project.
     A short business meeting will be held before the discussion to
elect a new vice-chair/chair-elect.  Julie Gammon, Head,
Acquisitions Department at the University of Akron Library, has
been nominated for the office.  Nominations will be accepted from
the floor, as well.

     The meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 1, 9:00-11:00, in
room 261W of the Georgia World Congress Center.

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