Serials Workflow Josephine.Williamson@MVS.UDEL.EDU 20 Jun 1991 12:40 UTC

In-Reply-To: The letter of Wednesday, 19 June 1991 9:38pm ET

My institution has a large central processing department divided into units
for monographic acquisitions, copy cataloging, and serials acquisitions.  The
serials unit handles ordering, receiving, shelving in the current periodicals
room, a public service desk, processing of all serials invoices.  Cataloging
is done either in the copy cataloging unit or in the Bibliographic Control
Department.  This mix requires excellent communication between units and
between the departments.  Since we are lucky enough to have that
communication, the system works well.

Problems arise when materials get "stuck" in processing away from the unit and
we are unable to locate them for patrons.  Problems also arise when there are
large projects to coordinate, i.e., entry of holdings on Notis or the dreaded
CANCELLATIONS that have become part of our lives.

We are also considering reorganization and I will be very interested to read
the pros and cons of what others are doing.

Josie Williamson
University of Delaware