workflow Bernice Wright 26 Jun 1991 14:31 UTC

At Stephen F. Autin State University the Acquisitions Department
is divided into 3 units:  Monographics,Serials and Binding.  The
Serials Unit is responsible for ordering and checkin on Notis.
Cataloging is done by Bibliographic Control Department.  They
also update volume holdings.  Shelving is done by the shelving
Unit which is part of the Circulation Department.  They are shelved
adjacent to the Reference Department and serviced from there.
The Binding Unit is responsible for pulling issues for binding, preparing
and checking in shipments, mending, making and replacing
labels on the current issues shelves and for adding and deleting
at bindery notes from Notis.
Communication between Acquisitions and BCD is usually excellent.
There are discussions all the time between all departments
concerning our tremendous problems with missing and mutilated
issues. I think we need to give a higher priority to shelving
and reshelving current issues more quickly.  Reference thinks
we should be able to make bricks without straw in putting
back together issues that have been used to death or mutilated.
And of course its never a good time to send anything to the
We try to be understanding of each others problems.
We have had this organization since 1982 when separate Acquisitions
and serials departments were combined (Acquisitons Librarian became
the only professional in the department).
Bernice Wright
Acquisitions Librarian
Stephen F. Austin State University
Nacogdoches, Texas