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Re: Planning for Electronic Journals Linda Gould 26 Sep 1991 20:17 UTC

Re: Planning for Electronic Journals Linda Gould 26 Sep 1991 20:17 UTC

At the University of Washington Libraries, we are going to begin
examining the same question in the very near future, but I have nothing to
send you as of today EXCEPT, I have in hand a May 28, 1991 report from
Virginia Polytech Inst. and State Univ., done by a Task Force on
Electronic Journals there.  I suggest you request a copy from Paul
Gherman, the director.  He sent one to all ARL directors.  Also, since we
are looking at the same issues, I would appreciate your forwarding to me
any responses you get that do not get posted to everyone, but only to you.
 Thanks in advance.  Linda Gould, Associate Director for Library
Collections, University of Washington Libraries, Seattle,:

On Thu, 26 Sep 1991, WALTER01@UTSW.BITNET wrote:

> At the UT Southwestern Medical Center we are just beginning to plan
> for the advent of the electronic journal in our library.
> How have other libraries handled this educational and planning process?  What
> information was most helpful as the basis for productive discussions?
> Those of you who are ahead of us in acquiring, processing, storing, and
> accessing electronic journals, please let me know what you have come up with.
> I will appreciate any suggestions, comments, or referrals.
> Mitchel Walters
> UT Southwestern Medical Center Library
> 5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
> Dallas, TX 75235-9049