Re: Planning for Electronic Journals Carol.Magenau@DARTMOUTH.EDU 27 Sep 1991 07:33 UTC

At Dartmouth we have had electronic journals mounted in a folder on the public
file server for over a year.  They are cataloged in our online catalog with
"Public File Server, Dartmouth College Library Folder" as the location, and
"Electronic/Journal" in place of a call number.  (There is also access by an
assigned LC classification number through a "class number" search.) Within the
last year a short-term ad hoc committee drafted a document covering technical
services procedures for all the variations of electronic media we could think
of (even if we don't have any examples yet), with the basic intent of
mainstreaming them with processing of other materials to the greatest extent
possible.  We have not (yet) mounted any of the very prolific discussion
group/bulletin board publications.
(Carol Magenau, Serials Librarian)