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Here's two items that should be of interest to serials folks Re.
a new E-Jounral from the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement
of Science).  The "today" referred to in the first message occurred
sometime last week, I believe.  --  Birdie

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The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) today held
a major press conference & demos at their DC headquarters to announce their
"Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials" which will be released in
4/92.  Some of you met Lynn Kellar (also on this list?) last fall at NC
State.  Lynn has been responsible for the technical development of the
electronic journal at OCLC and was present in Washington today.  Here are
some of the highlights, based on Pat Morgan's intro (my notes of), questions,
demos, handouts:

Will be indexed/abstracted in BIOSIS from Day 1.
Articles released as ready; no "issues" unless retrospective numbering month-
 by-month is employed.  Editor-in-chief opposes "issue" concept.
Editor in Chief is Edward Huth, a much respected medical researcher & then
 editor for 15 years of Annals of Internal Medicine.  He will be doing most
 of his work from his home in Bryn Mawr.
Support will include two in-house staff at AAAS, a managing editor & asst.
 editor, presumably keying/copy editing/production matters.
Editorial Board of 6 or more medical experts to be appointed.
$110 per year subscription fee.
Picked a topic that would clearly benefit from speed of article release.
A specialty journal, i.e., circulation of 500-2,000 anticipated.
No advertising
Fiche may be produced at year end for libraries
Communications will take place on a dedicated line, rather than the Internet,
 to preserve security, confidentiality.
Readable at any OCLC terminal; also via CompuServe & NSFNet (?), that is,
 the Internet

Pat Morgan:  "first online journal in the sciences which displays non-text
 and looks like a real science journal" (perhaps the AMS might disagree
 with this?)

"a new competitor in the prestige academic rewards process"

"matches researchers' perceptions of how a journal should look"  (i.e.,
on a screen is looks exactly like a properly type-set sciences journal, with
tables, charts, notations.)

"does not look like e-mail"

"offers extras possible only via electronic delivery:  hypertext links,
MEDLINE links, footnotes, tables, full-text searching, "alert" mechanism for
 addenda, corrections, etc."

"many online journal efforts have been previously attempted; all have failed
 because they were attempted too soon."

Production:  As near as I can tell, OJCCT will accept mss. in any form:  disk,
 online, shoeboxes (Pat's phrasing).  Once received, a mss. will be keyed
 electronically.  Then handling preferably but not necessarily electronic,
 depending on editors, specific situations.  A combination of online & fax
 most likely.

Once peer reviewed & copy edited, OCLC will key in/mark up/turn around within
 24 hours and distribute.  The distribution is the accelerated part of the
 journal publishing process.  That and the advantages of electronic text are
 the selling points for this experiment.

Technical:  Articles in type-set quality with sophisticated graphs, tables,
 equations.  SGML markup.  TeX for notation.  I asked which TeX and was told
 it's all essentially the same, which I don't think is true, so one of us
 misunderstood the other.

Subscribers with 286 or higher IBM compatible p.c., VGA graphics monitor,
Windows 3.0, modem, 2 mb RAM, receive the journal-like screen image.  Lower-
end users get only ascii text; no bells & whistles.

Mac release in 1993.

Readers with Windows-supported printers can download articles & print.
 Others can order a print copy for delivery by fax or mail at nominal charge.

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As it happens, Lynn Kellar, OCLC Project Manager for Electronic
Journals, will be speaking at the  Southern Ohio Chapter of ASIS
meeting in Cincinnati on October 15.  Those of you who are within
driving distance of Cincinnati might be interested in hearing more
about the AAAS/OCLC venture.

               The Southern Ohio Chapter

                        of the

          American Society for Information Science

                  presents Lynn Kellar

          OCLC Project Manager for Electronic Journals

                       to speak on

                 "Electronic Journaling"

Tuesday, October 15, 1991               6:00 - 6:30  Social
Harley Hotel                            6:30 - 7:30  Dinner
8020 Montgomery Rd.                     7:30 - 9:00  Program
Cincinnati, OH

$15.00 for dinner will be collected at door.

Reservations will be accepted until 5:00 P.M. Friday, Oct. 11.

Cincinnati:  Yvonne Davis   513/651-6810
Dayton:      Judy Hecht     513/229-3024