Acronyms and title changes BMACLENN@UVMVM.BITNET 03 Oct 1991 20:37 UTC

This was addressed to me, but I think intended for Aimee Algier-Baxter?
or SERIALST?  Anyway, I'm forwarding it to the list...  --  Birdie

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This is in response to your question about initialisms, acronyms, abbreviated
words and title changes.  It would be helpful to consider,
1. the definition
   a. abbreviated words: Words made shorter by contraction, or omission, e.g.
     foot, ft.', 'Mister, Mr.' etc.
   b. initialisms:  The first letter(s) of a proper name, e.g. North Central
      Association = NCA, Vanderbilt Cataloging Club = VCC...
   c. acronyms: A word formed from the initial letters of other words, e.g.
      Unesco, Fortran,...
2. AACR II rules for title changes and when to create a new record.

For abbreviated words, according to MARC format, we would make a title added
entry as one more access point for on-line search purpose.
For initialisms and acronyms vs. the long form, if they are among the first fiv
e words, treat them as a title change, e.g. North Central Association quarterly
vs. NCA quarterly, Vanderbilt Cataloging Club journal vs. VCC journal.

I hope this is helpful.

Catherine Y. Wang
Drexel University