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Re: SURVEY ON COLLECTION DEVELO Linda Gould 08 Oct 1991 12:50 UTC

Re: SURVEY ON COLLECTION DEVELO Linda Gould 08 Oct 1991 12:50 UTC

Our primary method, not terribly original, continues to be one on one
liaison relationships established between the library system selector
(about 60-65 of these people, all dual role librarians) and the faculty
liaison or library committee or department chair (varies from dept. to
dept. and academic program.).  These people bring "the word" on the
libraries (important programs, initiatives, etc., mostly cd oriented, but
sometimes beyond cd only, to departmental meetings, to conferences with
the faculty contact(s), etc.

I would like to put a shell on the campus network that would allow faculty
to make requests for new material online to their selectors directly or to
the ass't cd librarian in cases in whcih the selector is not known to the
requestor.  That will probably be done within the next 6 - 12 mos.

An occasional article (written by the development officer, not by cd staff
- although she happens also to be a selector) on books appears in our
external library newsletter.

We will be doing a survey on user needs for information over the next 12
months as part of our strategic plan directions to create a "user centered
service pattern" and I expect cd involvement there, but it hasn't yet
taken shape.

I would be interested in learning more about what you have in mind for
"marketing" collection development.

    On Mon, 7 Oct 1991, John Saylor wrote:

> I apoligize to those who get multiple copies of this question, but we are
> trying to get as wide a response as possible and have therfore posted to
> several lists.. Thank you fo your help.
> The Collection Development Working Group on Outreach at Cornell University
> is interested in knowing what kind of outreach or marketing activities you
> are presently using in your library.  We are hoping to improve communication
> with the library's users -- their understanding of what we do and our
> understanding of their needs, with respect to collection development.  Also,
> what is the primary mode of communication with your user communities re
> library developments?  We would appreciate seeing printed examples of news-
> letters, etc., from your library, if it is not too much trouble to send them.
> We would also be interested to know if anyone sends out an automated acquisi-
> tions list.  Thank you.
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