This is really directed to Health Sciences libraries.  Acta chirurgica
Scandinavica and Acta chirurgica Scandinavica supplement changed their name
this year.  On the cover, the top line is Acta Chirurgica. Under the vol. no.
it says "The European Journal of Surgery".
On the title page at the top it says "Acta Chirurgica. The European Journal of
Surgery. Supplementum no. 561.

Inside the running title at the top of each article reads Eur. J. Surg. Suppl.
561: etc.

This is indexed in Index Medicus as European J. of Surgery with a cross
reference: "Acta Chirurgica see European J. of Surgery"

The NLM record in OCLC: 24525884 has in the 245 field: The European journal of
surgery = Acta chirurgica.

There is another record for the supplement done by EUN (Newcastle, Eng.) OCLC:
23657406.  Its 245 reads: Acta chirurgica: European journal of surgery.

With the journal in hand the EUN record looks correct to me.  Is there some
rule I have forgotten?  Do you catalog by the running title?  I will have to
send this in for the CONBLS list since it is not in there yet.  I feel sure
they will use the NLM title.  Why did NLM do this under European...? The girl
who checks in journals is frustrated.  She wants to look under Acta...