Serials Expirations Judy M Diffenderfer 24 Oct 1991 17:44 UTC

I am a student in the MLS program at the University of Pittsburgh, and I am
currently doing an internship in the acquisitions department of a local public
library.  Recently the serials acquisitions section received a notice from
their vendor that their subscriptions to Publishers Weekly and People would
expire one month short of the prev. subscription agreement because of a
frequency change (ie. 51 to 55 issues) or the inclusion of special issues.
This type of subscription change came as a surprise to both me and the new
serials acquisitions librarian.  Is this a common practice by publishers and
if so, how often has it occurred in the past?  We would appreciate any infor-
mation you can shed on this issue.  I find it hard to believe that publishers
do the same thing for individual subscriptions.  Thanks in advance for your

Judy Diffenderfer
Univ. of Pitt