Re: MEDICAL JOURNAL TITLE Bill Willmering 28 Oct 1991 14:27 UTC

Regarding European Journal of Surgery (alias Acta Chirurgica) and its
When the publishers decided to change the title and publish only in English,
the editor called the National Library of Medicine from Sweden to ask how this
would affect its indexing entry in Index Medicus.  He said they also wanted to
display a form of the earlier title, Acta Chirurgica Scandinavica, to show
continuity with it but that the title would be European Journal of Surgery.
The head of serial cataloging said that the new serial would be indexed under
the title under which it was cataloged.  Under our cataloging rules (AACR2,
1.1B8) it a publication has a parallel title in Latin and English but only
English contents, it would be entered under the English title.  WHen the
first issue arrived, the chief source, the cover, did indeed have two titles,
Latin and English, and contents in English.  However, other places within
the publication cited them with the Latin first in a way that could be
interpreted as a Latin title proper and an English subtitle.  The head of
serial cataloging called the editor. He assured NLM that the editorial
borad considered the journal to have parallel titles, not title and
subtitle.  There had been some miscommunication with typists, printers,
etc., but that the Latin would be phased out and the title display
be corrected.  The August issue, just arrived, supports the English

This week there was an additional communication by fax explaining the problem
 with t
with the numbering of the supplements which resulted from a change in distri-
bution companies and printers.  Supplement 561 began the new title, but
Suppl 562 which should have been issued last year, had already been printed
 with oth
old title.  NLM cataloged the new supplement as European J...  (The chief
source is not the analytical title page which says Supplementum, but the
cover based on LC rule interpretation for rule 12.0B1 which gives exceptions
for title page substitutions)  It begins with 561.  The earlier title ends
with no 562.  THe numbering irrugularity is described in a note.

P.S.  Stay tuned for Acta Physiologica Polonica, its English translation
which ceased in 1972, and its title change.  This may not show up in OCLC
for a while