Document Transmission System - Ariel RLIN Info. Ctr.--RIC 29 Oct 1991 17:16 UTC

(The following is an announcement from the Research Libraries Group.)


Available now from the Research Libraries Group (RLG) is Ariel,
a new software package that enables fast, reliable, high quality
transmission of documents and images over the Internet (a
communications network available at many higher-education and research
institutions).  Using standard PC hardware, Ariel produces images of
much greater resolution than FAX machines and, because Internet
transmission is often free, at much lower cost.

With an 80386 (or 80286) microcomputer, a scanner, and a laser
printer, Ariel software users can scan, store, transmit, and
print any material, including photos, drawings, charts, formulae, and
tables.  Ariel compresses data while scanning, thus speeding
transmission and reducing PC storage requirements.  A typical page of
text takes 10 seconds to scan, less than a minute to transmit, and 20
seconds to print.  Over 600 scanned pages can be stored for

Ariel software operates on a standalone PC-to-PC system.  (Ariel is
not related to and works independently of RLIN, the Research Libraries
Information Network.  Ariel users do not have to be RLIN users in
order to use the Ariel software.)

At the core of the system is an 80386 PC (IBM PC/AT or compatible)
with an 80 MB hard disk (an 80286 PC with a 30 MB hard disk is
adequate but not recommended for high-volume users).  Attached to the
PC at one end is a scanner, either a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet Plus or a
Panasonic FS-RS506.  Both provide high, 300 x 300 dots-per-inch
resolution as compared to 100 x 200 dpi for most FAX machines.
Documents up to 8 l/2" x 14" can be scanned directly without having to
be photocopied first.  At the other end is a laser printer, an H-P
LaserJet II or III, which prints transmitted documents on regular bond
paper, a great advantage over the slippery, awkward paper used in FAX
machines.  With an appropriate PC FAX card, Ariel can also be adapted
to use a FAX machine as a printer, producing images of much greater
resolution than usual FAX copies (but of lesser quality than
laser-printed copies).

When the system hardware is not actively being used for Ariel
functions, it can be used for other independent applications -- like
desktop publishing, word processing, scanning, printing.

Ariel comes in two versions: a complete scan/transmit/receive/print
software package ($479 per copy) and a receive/print-only package
($249 per copy).  Bulk discounts are available.

For more information about Ariel and its hardware requirements,
please contact the Information Center, e-mail BL.RIC@RLG.BITNET or

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