Renewals for Chinese materials Gaele Gillespie 29 Oct 1991 18:57 UTC

During Sept. we received our renewal list from Chinese Materials Center
in Taipei, Taiwan with a very informative and delightful memo written
by Mr. Robert L. Irick, President.  I would like to send along the last
paragraph of the memo for everyone else's enjoyment -- and empathy -- as
the situation is similar to one we've all confronted in our own establish-

"...We are still not providing the type of service we should on your
subscriptions. For this I apologize and promise to continue to try to
improve service. We have tremendous difficulty these days finding young
Chinese who are willing to work.  The problems involved in supplying
periodicals are so many that staff leaves very soon for simpler jobs. We
have had four such turnovers of our periodical clerk this year. Please
bear with me on this. I'm now working on answering your claims and hope to
have them all finished within 45 days."
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