Figaro George T. Crafts 02 Jun 1992 15:30 UTC

Our library receives the daily newspaper LE FIGARO via surface
mail from a vendor in Paris.  In recent months we have
experienced great delivery problems.  At the moment, we have
nothing newer than April *1991*, and months of claims have yet to
produce any new issues.  I understand that the filming of FIGARO
has also not reached 1991.

Have others experienced recent delivery problems with this title,
either in paper copy or microfilm?  One of our faculty is very
anxious to see the issues of "Le Figaro litteraire" from May to
December 1991.  This is an insert in the daily newspaper, not a
separate publication, as I understand it.  Can anyone confirm
that "Figaro litteraire" is still being published?

If your library has FIGARO from May to December 1991 (paper or
film) can we borrow it from you?  E-mail me, and we will see if
it's possible to borrow only "Le Figaro litteraire", if you have
the paper version.  We have already tried the Library of Congress
and CRL, without success.

Thanks for your help!

George Crafts
University of Virginia Library