Press release MAUREEN.HADY@MAIL.ADMIN.WISC.EDU 02 Jun 1992 16:11 UTC


The State Historical Society of Wisconsin has received funding to continue a
four-year project entitled African-American Newspapers and Periodicals; A
National Bibliography and Union List.   The bibliography will be based on the
large collections at the Society, University of Wisconsin System Libraries
and specialized collections throughout the nation.  This project is expected
to result in a 2 volume work detailing 3,600 to 4,000 extant publications.

The bibliography will be edited by James P. Danky, Newspapers and Periodicals
Librarian at the Society, and compiled by Maureen E. Hady who is the African-
American Newspapers and Periodicals Bibliographer.  Their goal is to make the
bibliography as comprehensive as possible, including newspapers and periodicals
covering the spectrum from general to specialized and from popular to
scholarly.  It will be similar in format to Native American Periodicals and
Newspapers, 1828-1982.  Any contributions you can make regarding titles
published in your area or held at your institution (especially those with a
local focus) would be greatly appreciated.  For more information contact
Danky or Hady.

Maureen E. Hady
State Historical Society of Wisconsin
816 State Street
Madison, WI  53706
(608) 264-6532

Thank you.