Changing Binders Caitlin Robinson 5-9049 08 Jun 1992 17:55 UTC

We would be very interested in "talking" to anyone who has moved from
one bindery to another either through a competative bid process or some
other means.  We are attempting to quantify the costs and resources
that would be required to make such a move; your experience would be
very helpful.   Were additional staff required; was data converted; was
there a period of "down-time" during which no shipments could be sent;
were processing procedures changed radically; was more time required?
These are samples of the issues we're interested in.   If you will
reply directly to the address below, we will summarize for the list if
there is sufficient response.  Thanks

Caitlin Robinson, University of Iowa Law Library  CADCAITS@UIAMVS