NASIG updates James Mouw 09 Jun 1992 17:23 UTC

This is being posted to both SERIASLT and NASIG-L.  Please excuse unavoidable

General updates.

The electronic workshop received a great deal of interest and quickly "sold
out".  Anyone who did not receive confirmation of their admittance should
assume that the session was full.  We apologize for this, but hope you
understand our situation.

All registrants were admitted to their first and second workshop choices and
will receive exact assignments on site.  In the meantime, you can make your
plans if you saved a copy of your registration form.

If you are coming in on Wednesday, you should be able to check in any time
after about noon.  There is no conference right before us, so the rooms
should be ready.  Remember there is no NASIG-provided food until Thursday
night, but the cafeteria will be open to purchase meals.  The campus is also
a short walk away from MANY fine restaurants.

If you are arriving late, on either Wednesday or Thursday, the door will be
open until at least 11:00 p.m.  after that you will need to ring a buzzer and
someone will come to let you in.  The residence hall will be staffed at all

We did not list an emergency number because the campus really has no
accomodations for that.  Each dorm room has a telephone for on campus and
incoming calls and we recommend that you call home and give that number upon
arrival.  The number for campus security (reserve for a real emergency) is

It has been pointed out to us that the campus does not show up on a great
many maps.

The campus is located just west of the loop.  If you look on a map you will
see a place where all the expressways seem to come together just to the west
of downtown.  The campus is located on the western edge of that circle.

The residence hall is located at 700 S. Halsted and any cabbie should be able
to easily find that address.

Parking is readily available a short walk from the dorm and we will have a
conference rate $7.00 for 3 days or $10.00 for 5 days.  Both options allow
unlimited in and out privilages.  You may wish to stop by the dorm to drop
off and purchase your parking pass before you park.

Baseball.  Tickets will be available on site (unless we have a real run in
the next 4 days).  The tickets will be $15.00.  Those who purchased at $20.00
will be receiving a rebate since the tickets cost less than originally

We will have more that 450 registrants.

Linen exchange.  You linens will be changed daily.  Please note that I said
_will be changed_.  Unlike previous NASIG conferences you will not need to go
to a linen exchange.  Your rooms will be cleaned and linens changed each day.

The dorm rooms have overhead lights that illuminate the room but not much
beyond that.  If you like to read in bed you may wish to bring a small
reading lamp.

See you in Chicago

Jim Mouw
Local Arrangments

Bitnet:                 uclmouw@uchimvs1