NEW ALCTS DISCUSSION GROUP AT ALA Janet G. Padway 09 Jun 1992 17:59 UTC

Please join us at ALA as we plan to organize the Discussion Group
described below.  If you have any questions, please contact Janet
Padway (address below):

         ALCTS Creative Ideas in Technical Services Discussion Group
         Organizational Meeting
         Sunday, June 28, 1992
         4:30 - 5:30
         MOSC - Room 270, 272

         At ALA Midwinter, informal discussions emerged regarding
         creative and alternative solutions to challenges within
         technical services caused by budgetary constraints, reduced
         or inadequate staffing levels, and unavailable special
         skills in the local workforce.  This led to the realization
         that we each respond to these forces in ways that are not
         usually shared broadly.  We expect that this group will
         offer a forum for librarians with interests and
         responsibilities in all areas of technical services -
         acquisitions, cataloging, preservation - to engage
         in discussing and sharing solutions to some of
         these challenges.  We anticipate an overwhelming
         response to this opportunity to meet the many other creative
         librarians who work on the cutting edge of reality.  Please
         accept this invitation and join us.

              -- Co-conveners: Janet G. Padway
                               Julieann V. Nilson

         Janet G. Padway
         Golda Meir Library
         University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
         P.O.Box 604
         Milwaukee, WI  53201
         Voice: (414) 229-6458
         Fax: (414) 229-4380

         Julie Nilson
         Monographic Processing Services
         Library E350
         Indiana University Libraries
         Bloomington, IN  47405
         Voice: (812) 855-1666
         Fax: (812) 855-7933
         Bitnet: nilson@iubacs