Call for Volunteers - Recon Interest Group Mitch Turitz 11 Jun 1992 17:12 UTC

  CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS - Retrospective Conversion Interest Group.

  The LITA/ALCTS Retrospective Conversion Interest Group is seeking
  volunteers to run for the positions of Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
  (LITA) and Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (ALCTS) for 1992-93/93-94.

  Please contact by June 19, 1992:

  Cheryl M. Rogers (LITA Co-Chair)
  Marketing Representative
  400 Colony Square, Plaza Level
  Atlanta, GA 30361-6301
  (800) 999-8558
  fax: (404) 892-7879


  Miko Pattie (ALCTS Co-Chair)
  Asst. Director for Technical Services
  U. of Kentucky Libraries
  (606) 257-8392
  fax: (606) 257-8379