IEEE binding Kathleen Sales Library 15 Jun 1992 21:17 UTC

Our head of Tech Services has a question for any other library
receiving the IEEE conferences and proceedings (in the blue
binding).  We have been experiencing trouble with shoddy binding
that's falling apart, or sections of pages are falling out of the
binding, etc.  When we called IEEE, they stated that NO ONE else
has reported such a problem.  This is happening to brand spanking
new bound IEEE documents.

Has anyone else had trouble with the binding on these items falling
apart?  If so, please write back to me.  I believe that since we
pay so much for these, although they are assets to the collection,
we should not have to be responsible for rebinding this segment of
our collection.

Thanks in advance, I will report back to the list on responses if

Kathy Sales
Florida Tech
Melbourne, FL