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Announcements:  ALCTS Catalog Form and Function Committee Program
                SISAC Meetings
                SISAC Symbol (Barcode) Demos
                Preconference: EDI and the Library

Date:         Tue, 16 Jun 1992 12:52:00 EST
From:         "Darla R. Richards" <DRICHARD@UTKVX.BITNET>
Subject:      ALA Program-Catalog Form and Function Committee

The ALCTS Catalog Form and Function Committee is pleased to invite you to
attend its program on the online catalog.  Co-sponsor:  RASD/MOPSS Catalog
Use Committee.

                           June 1992 Program


                    DATE:    Saturday, June 27, 1992

                    TIME:    9:00-11:00 a.m.

                    PLACE:   Sheraton Palace, Sea Cliff Room


            Jose-Marie Griffiths, Professor, Graduate School of Library and
Information Science, Univ. of Tennessee and Collaborating Scientist, Martin
Marietta Energy Systems, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

            Nancy Johns, Assistant University Library, Collection Control
and Development Services, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago.

            Thomas J. Michalak, President and CEO, Faxon Research Services


            Christine Borgman, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Library
and Information Science, University of California, Los Angeles.

The program will include consideration of the online catalog in its present
form and will focus on issues relating to future needs and developments.  Panel
discussion or question and answer session will follow presentations.

For additional information, contact the Program Chair:

Ruby Miller, Assistant Director  for Technical Services
Trinity University Library
Phone:  (512) 736-7463

Date:         Tue, 16 Jun 1992 14:30:14 LCL
From:         "Tina.Feick" <BHBTina@READMORE.COM>

SISAC Meetings at ALA, San Francisco, California

There will be two official meetings of SISAC (Serials
Industry Systems Advisory Committee) at ALA:

SISAC Publicity Committee
      11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, June 27 (Saturday)
      Westin St. Francis Hotel, Blackwell Suite
      (Concierge promised room location will be on
       Announcement Board.)
      Lunch provided by Readmore, Inc.
      RSVP to Tina Feick in care of Sarah Robinson
      1-800-458-3706 (US); 1-800-458-3707 (Canada);
      1-609-629-0438 (fax)

SISAC Business Meeting
      8:00 - 10:00 PM, June 28 (Sunday)
      San Francisco Hilton Hotel, Tiburon A Room

Any questions or concerns please contact Tina Feick, Chair,
SISAC at the numbers given above.

Date:         Tue, 16 Jun 1992 14:32:22 LCL
From:         "Tina.Feick" <BHBTina@READMORE.COM>

SISAC to hold SISAC Symbol (Bar Code) Demonstrations at
ALA, San Francisco, California

At the ALA Conference in San Francisco, SISAC will hold four
demonstrations about the SISAC Symbol.  These sessions follow
on the success of the X12 demos given at ALA Midwinter.

Robyn Greenlund of Data Trek is coordinating the sessions
with Karen Anspach, also of Data Trek, and Ed Riding, Dynix,
as two of the participants.  With these demos, we want to
make people aware that the ANSI/NISO Z39.56 (Serial
Item/Contribution Identifier) on which the SISAC Symbol is
based was passed as a standard on July 15, 1991, that there
are publishers putting the bar code on their journals, that
there are library automation systems that can scan the SISAC
Symbol, and that there are several ways for publishers to
create the bar code (filmmasters, software, etc.)

There will be a brief description of the SISAC Symbol
followed by Data Trek and Dynix representatives showing their
systems scanning the Symbol (bar code).  We need to prove
that the Symbol is being put on journals and is being scanned
for check-in purposes in libraries.

The sessions are scheduled for:

Sunday, June 28th, Moscone Convention Center, Room 125
       4:30 - 5:30 PM - Librarians/Publishers
       5:30 - 6:30 PM - Automation Vendors/Publishers
Monday, June 29th, Moscone Convention Center, Room 124
       4:30 - 5:30 PM - Librarians/Publishers
       5:30 - 6:30 PM - Automation Vendors/Publishers

1-800-458-3706 (US); 1-800-458-3707 (Canada)
1-609-629-0438 (fax)

Date:         Tue, 16 Jun 1992 14:33:32 LCL
From:         "Tina.Feick" <BHBTina@READMORE.COM>

ALCTS and BISG (Book Industry Group) Cosponsor ALA
Preconference - EDI and the Library

On June 25, 1992, the Serials Section of ALCTS (Association
for Library Collections & Technical Services) will sponsor an
all day Preconference entitled - EDI and the Library; a
Preconference on Electronic Data Interchange Standards for
the Acquisition of Library Materials.  The Preconference is
cosponsored by BISG (SISAC and BISAC Committees), Data
Interchange Standards Association (secretariat for X12),
and the National Information Standards Organization (NISO).

Everyone interested in library automation will want to attend
this preconference on Electronic Data Interchange.  EDI
formats are being developed to connect libraries
electronically with vendors and publishers for such library
functions as ordering, invoicing, and claiming.  This
preconference will feature public and academic librarians,
subscription agents, book dealers, library automation
vendors, publishers, network systems, the Chair of NISO, and
the Chair of X12.  All are or will be using EDI and are
involved in developing and providing EDI, especially within
the ASC X12 framework.

Participants will:

      *gain an understanding of EDI and ASC X12 and their
       relevance to library applications;
      *learn how EDI standards are being developed and
      *analyze both the current situation and anticipated
      *become aware of how important the interdependency
       of libraries, automation vendors and materials vendors
       really is.

This program should prove to be the EDI event of the season!
There is still room left.  Contact: Yvonne McLean, ALCTS
office, 1-800-545-2433, ext. 5035.

U.S. Serials Specialist
Blackwell's Periodicals Division