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The following announcement came to SERIALST with a rather long header that
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Date:         Fri, 19 Jun 1992 16:48:35 EDT
From:         Joseph Raben <JQRQC@CUNYVM.BITNET>

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The first release of SCHOLAR, an online news service
for natural language processors, will be available
about 1 July 1992.  Its contents include

Abstracts from the following journals:

     Computational Linguistics, 17:4
     System, 19:1/2,3,4
     Machine Translation, 6:1,2,3
     Computers and the Humanities, 25:1,2/3,4,5

Reports on the following projects:

     A European Ph.D. in Linguistics
     CTI Center for Textual Studies
     Georgetown Center for Text and Technology
     ARTFL: American and French Research on the Tresor
          de la Langue francaise

A short review of _Memex to Hypertext: Vannevar Bush
     and the Mind's Machine_ by James N. Nyce and Paul
     D. Kahn

A full-length review of _Hypermedia and Literary Stud-
     ies_ ed. Paul Delaney and Gedorge P. Landow

A notice of WinGreek: Fonts for Greek and Hebrew

A CD-ROM of Latin texts

A calendar of language-processing-related events

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To receive this and future releases by email, send a
message to


as follows:

     subscribe scholar [your full name]

To receive this release by anonymous ftp send the




At the login: prompt, type

     anonymous  or  SCHOLAR

At the password: prompt, type

     [your own login id]

To locate the SCHOLAR files, type

     get index.SCHOLAR

To close the connection, type


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Material for inclusion in future releases should be
sent as e-mail to <> or mailed to
SCHOLAR, P.O. Box F, New York NY 10028-0025.