Praise for the NASIG Conference Maggie Rioux 25 Jun 1992 14:19 UTC

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   I got back a couple of days ago from attending my first NASIG
conference.  I haven't even sorted through all the papers, etc. I
picked up yet, but I wanted to share my thoughts with the list right

  This was just about the best conference I have ever attended! Maybe
it was just my delight at finding a whole bunch of other people who
think serials management is a neat way to spend your working day, but
I thought the speakers were excellent, the workshops were relevant and
the physical facilities ranked high when the cost was considered.  Since
my employer was only able to pay the first $500, cost was important to
me and with the airline fare war, I came pretty darn close.

  For the other 400 or so people who were there, but didn't get to go
to Birdie's workshop Thursday afternoon, it was excellent too.  Even
though I'm pretty experienced at wandering the Internet, I learned some
new things to try.  I would recommend doing it again, but perhaps breaking
it apart into several short sessions with more specific focuses (foci?).

  It was also great meeting face-to-face with a bunch of people I'd met
only in cyberspace before.  The baseball game, reception and meals gave
us a chance to chat.

  I'm already looking forward to next year in Providence.  It's a lot
closer to home for me and after having spent 11 hours on my flight from
Boston to Chicago last week (thunderstorms), that sounds pretty good.

  Thanks to all who worked on the conference. Your efforts paid off in
spades & are very much appreciated.

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