Availability of Pravda Birdie MacLennan 26 Jun 1992 01:20 UTC

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Date:         Thu, 25 Jun 1992 13:49:15 PDT
From:         George Janczyn <janczyn%nowalls.ucsd.edu@SDSC.BITNET>
Subject:      "Pravda" is available

In reply to the question about the availability of "Pravda" (sorry
to post to list but there was no return address): our library is
presently receiving issues--we are current to June 11.  We subscribe
through Kamkin.  Feel free to ask more questions, at my address below.

George J. Janczyn
University of California, San Diego
Central Library

Date:         Thu, 25 Jun 1992 17:00:00 EST
From:         "Mario Rups, Serials Accessioner,
              Brookings Inst." <MRUPS@BROOK.BITNET>
Subject:      Re: availability of Pravda  former Soviet newspaper

Pravda is still alive and (reasonably) well.  It started skipping days last
year, and has this year generally been dated every other day (or so);
skipped from the 14 March 1992 issue (whole #26806) to the 7 April 1992 issue
(whole #26807); and is again on a roughly ever-other-day schedule.  The
last one we received is #26834 (I *very* early on caught on to the wisdom
of checking in by whole numbers!), dated 11 June 1992, received 19 June
1992.  We use Kamkin's, which receives them directly and then sends them
on, generally in batches.

We, too, had heard the reports that Pravda was cease publication now that
the Communist Party is no more, but they seem to have worked something out.

How far back did your trouble start?  Perhaps I can help you determine
what, exactly, you're missing (although we're missing a few, here and
there, too, especially from last year -- not surprised!).  Send me a
message off-list if you want to pursue that.

Mario Rups
Brookings Institution Library