Call for Contributions Marcia Tuttle 16 Jul 1992 16:38 UTC

Date:         Wed, 15 Jul 92 10:53:24 EST
From:         Norman Stevens <HBLADM3@UCONNVM>

I have been asked to edit a symposium on the organization and workings of
serials operations, and the role of the serials librarian, in the post-
electronic era. This is in the guise, naturally, of my role as Director of The
Molesworth Institute so I am looking for creative thinkers and writers and,
eventually, creative and humorous pieces. Examples of the kind of thing I have
in mind can be found in similar symposiums that I edited as they appeared in
June 1989 and April 1991 issues of the WILSON LIBRARY BULLETIN. I am not yet
certain what the timetable will be but, since this follows on yet another
symposium that I am currently editing, I suspect it will involve the garnering
of pieces sometime in early 1992. Interested parties may contact me via e-mail
at hbladm3@uconnvm.bitnet or or otherwise at 143
Hanks Hill Road, Storrs, CT 06268. I can share other information about previous
related work and a copy of what may turn out to be the lead article. Pax Libris
to all!

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