Re: Check-in stations 9724MUMMJ@VMS.CSD.MU.EDU 04 Aug 1992 04:01 UTC

It sounds to me like you may want to consider dividing the work
flow up a little.  Rather than trying to do everything at the work
station (check in, mark, stamp, etc.), try limiting the function
performed at the workstation to just check-in.  Have a pencil to
mark the material as it goes from one side of the work station to
the other, and set up two piles (one for material checked in and
one for material with questions).  After the material is checked
in take it to another area for processing.

This approach should save you a few headaches.  Then again, maybe
it will create some others -- who knows?

Have fun trying to figure it out.

Jim Mumm
Acquisitions / Serials Librarian
Marquette University Law Library