Re: Classifying newspapers Sophia McMillen 07 Aug 1992 15:05 UTC

Classifying newspapers:     We classify newspapers, usually in the
"Periodicals. Societies. Serials" broad class no. found at the beginning of a
country's/region's history classification, or under the "Local history and
description" no. as seems to best fit the newspaper's scope.

There is a good article in new issue of Cataloging & classif qtly (v.14, no.
2 1991) which proposes a fully elaborated scheme for newspapers covering the
whole world in class AN.   It looks like a useful and workable classification
to me.  I wonder what the chances are that LC will just adopt this ready-made
schedule and make it official.   See:  Organizing the fourth estate :
classification of newspapers at Washington State University / Margot S.
Krissiep, in the journal issue mentioned above.

        Sophia McMillen  /  University of Hawaii at Manoa