Classifying newspapers Birdie MacLennan 07 Aug 1992 22:30 UTC

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Date:         Fri, 7 Aug 1992 11:38:31 LCL
From:         Margot Krissiep <krissiep@wsuvm1>
Subject:      Classifying newspapers

 At Washington State Univ. we wanted to classify our newspapers
 because many of them are on microfilm and microfilms are classified
 in our collection.  Since we already have 4 different classification
 schemes in use here, we didn't want to add another "home grown"
 one, so I developed a pseudo-LC system using the AN schedule.  It
 was published in Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, v.14, no.2
 (1991).  It's a little dated now, given all the changes/break-ups
 in political entities, but it is up-datable fairly easily.

 Margot Krissiep

Date:         Fri, 7 Aug 1992 10:19:05 MDT
Subject:      Classifying newspapers

At the University of Alberta we classify all newspapers which are permanently
retained (mostly on microfilm). We use the AN schedule with numbers borrowed
from AP, adapted as necessary to give a geographic rather than strictly
language subarrangement. So all our Canadian newspapers are grouped in AN 5
regardless of their language. We also assign a 752 field to provide access by
place of publication.

Kathy Carter
University of Alberta Library
Edmonton, Alta. (403) 492-5753 or kcarter@ualtavm

Date:         Fri, 7 Aug 1992 13:53:00 EDT
From:         AV691@ALBNYVMS.BITNET
Subject:      Re: Classifying newspapers

     At SUNY Albany we classify most periodicals, using Library of
Congress call numbers.  However, we do not classify the newspapers, except
for those that are about a specific subject.  Since our online system
wants a "call number" for every item, we use "NEWS" as the call number.
Newspapers on microfilm have the call number "MIC NEWS."  This system
seems to make sense both to the computer and to the patrons.  The news-
papers are kept in the Periodicals Room, but on their own set of shelves,
where they are arranged alphabetically by title.

     People were very happy when we added the newspapers to the online
catalog.  It made them much easier to find.  We don't do full cataloging
on the utility -- just make brief records on our own system -- but we
do report holdings to the local union list, so they get on OCLC, etc.

     I hope this information is helpful.

        Annalisa Van Avery
        Periodicals Cataloger, SUNY at Albany, N.Y.
        BITNET Address:  AV691@ALBNYVMS