gordon & breach journals 780323 14 Aug 1992 14:46 UTC

Is there anyone who can help me find a possible way to order
G+B titles in a positive manner?  According to our past experiences
we are not able to easily to receive G+B titles very easily; even
our foreign agent can't find a better way than us.  We are now
reluctant to order titles from G+B, because we are afraid
to lose money and get nothing back from the publisher.

Our library owns more than 2400 titles and rarely have such situations
come up; we are facing total non-receipt for all year, but as long
as we try to contact the publisher, there is always an answer.

Your comments on G+B would be appreciated.
internet: ad30ctr0@itrib.itri.org.tw
centralized lib  larry chen    [ed. note: Taiwan]