Workflow Questions Sheryl Williams 14 Aug 1992 20:11 UTC

We are a library with 2100 subscriptions, binding 2000 volumes per year.
The Serials Dept. handles check-in, claiming, and first binding only;
acquisitions and preservation involve other departments.  Currently,
each of the 2 mail clerks split the journals (A-I, J-Z) for check-in and
processing.  One clerk has additional duties of pulling and prepping
volumes for commercial binding.  The second clerk is responsible for
the processing of the bound volumes on their return from the binder.

It has been suggested that we consider including the same bindery prep and
processing of bound volumes in the duties for each clerk.  That is, each
clerk would be responsible for all aspects of either A-I or J-Z titles,
from check-in and processing of issues to collating for binding and then
the processing of bound folumes.  One reason given for this change would
be that each clerk could specialize in certain titles.  Another reason
given is that duties would not have to stop or be reassigned in the (extended)
absence of either clerk, since each would continue with their own bindery

We would appreciate comments and suggestions from libraries which have utilized
this arrangement or have considered it.  Observations by other libraries
are also welcome.

We would also be interested in hearing what binding decisions are made by
various levels of staff; that it, who decides placement of supplementary
material, or oversew/adhesive.  Does anyone have written departmental
guidelines they would be willing to share?

Please feel free to respond to me directly, or to the list if appropriate.

Sheryl Williams
Head, Serials Dept.
McGoogan Library of Medicine
University of Nebraska Medical Center
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