Periodical/Serials NARAYANA@QUCDN.QUEENSU.CA 17 Aug 1992 21:46 UTC

         At our library, any title that is going to be published over a
         period of 3 or more years, is given to the Serials Section for
         searching, ordering, receiving, processing etc. All the rest are
         ordered through the Monographs Section.  We receive around 10,450
         titles. We divide our Serials into Periodicals and Continuations.
         Our Section is involved in all aspects, except Cataloging. Binding
         is also part of the Serials Section.

         There are 10 library technicians headed by the Serials Librarian.
         We do not have student help.  We have only recently reorganized. Our
         Acquisitions and Cataloging have merged into the Technical Services
         Department. We are still sorting out workflow etc etc. If you need
         further details let me know.

Kamala.S Narayanan           Ph: (613) 545 2831
Serials Librarian            Fax: (613) 545 6819
Queen's University
Kingston. Ontario K7L 5C4