Re: Migration of SC-10 serials data ELEANOR COOK 18 Aug 1992 19:54 UTC

RE: Migration of Faxon SC-10 data

To Martha Kellogg and anyone else out there who is currently using SC-10:

I think we should find out who we are and talk amongst ourselves so not
to burden the rest of Serialst with our problems. So, this is a call to all
SC-10 users to please contact Faxon and see if we can find a way to do this
(God forbid, another listserve!)

All I know right now is that MOST standard info. is suppose to migrate
"automatically." Local notations that check-in people enter on the
back screen probably will not. There may be some nifty ways to deal with
this problem but no one to my knowledge has explored the possibilities
yet; since Faxon Manager isn't completely "finished" yet, it's hard to think
about planning at that detail.

The University of South Carolina is supposed to be testing the system. I have
not heard from them or anyone else who is an Alpha test site. Speak up guys,
if you are out there.

Another thing: our big concern is about the claiming module. We want to see
claim gaps posted on the check-in screen; we do not like the idea of having
to enter a different module just to see claim gaps. We have other concerns too,
as I am sure many of us have.

So... maybe Faxon would be willing to set up an address for us all to talk on
or something. I really think they could benefit from this in their development
of Faxon Manager and we could voice our concerns as a group as well as

Other ideas?

Eleanor Cook
Serials Librarian
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608