Faxon's SC-10 system & SERIALST discussions Birdie MacLennan 19 Aug 1992 17:55 UTC

Date:         Tue, 18 Aug 1992 19:57:39 CDT
From:         Gaele Gillespie <GGILLESP@UKANVM.BITNET>

In response to Eleanor Cook's response to Martha Kellogg's original
request for information on migration of records to Faxon's SC-10 system:

Really and truly you all would *not* be "burdening" the rest of SERIALST
with your problems -- and while you may go ahead and set up a separate
list to form a user group for other SC-10 users or migrators, I really do
hope you won't stop asking your questions over SERIALST.  I can only speak
for myself, but I *enjoy* hearing discussions about all the various vendor
systems, problems and triumphs switching from one to another, etc. -- Right
now, we have an inhouse serials system, but who knows what the future will
bring, and I *like* to keep up with what systems everyone else is using, their
pitfalls and pluses -- So please don't stop asking such questions and having
such discussions on SERIALST!  Thanks for the time and space to air my plea.

E. Gaele Gillespie / Asst. Head, Serials     University of Kansas Libraries