Access to full minutes of ALCTS SS Committee to Study Ser. Cat. ELEANOR COOK 21 Aug 1992 21:59 UTC

I am cross-posting this to Autocat and Serialst so please excuse the
duplication if you subscribe to both.

RE:  Minutes of ALCTS SS Committee to Study Serials Cataloging meeting:

Last week we submitted summaries of our meetings at ALA to these two lists.
Taemin Park received some comments from individuals saying that they
were interested in seeing the full minutes. We are not allowed to
publish the full minutes per ALA publication policy. Also, the full
minutes are rather long; not appropriate for this limited forum.

However, it is possible to retrieve the full minutes via file transfer
from ALCTS headquarters. To do this:

Send the below message to:  LISTSERV@UICVM.BITNET

 Your message should say:   SEND SERIALS REPORT

Just type the message. No punctuation or other text should be in
the message. Your address is not needed; it is automatically recorded
when the request is received. I tried this a little while ago and it worked
just fine. If you do not know how to receive file transfers, ask someone
at your institution to assist you. That procedure may vary depending on
what e-mail platform you are using.

        [ed. note:  if you have problems receiving file transfers,
         the message:         SEND SERIALS REPORT F=MAIL
         sent to the same:    LISTSERV@UICVM.BITNET
         will cause the report to be sent to you as an e-mail
         message instead of a file.    --bml]

Serials catalogers who cannot attend ALA meeting are interested in the
details of the meetings of the Committee to Study Serials Cataloging. We are
aware of this and are trying diligently to find appropriate and cost-
efficient ways to deal with this. Please bear with us!

Eleanor Cook
Serials Librarian
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608

(Chair of the Committee but speaking for myself)